How can workers in Amarillo find out if they are victims of wage theft?

Amarillo, TX – Many people will find that they have not been paid properly at some point in their career. This can happen for several reasons, including honest mistakes and ignorance of wage laws by the employer. However, all situations where a worker has not been compensated properly are considered wage theft regardless of the employer’s justification, and the costs of wage theft are significant for workers in Texas and other states. An attorney can represent the worker and file an unpaid wage lawsuit to ensure that all of the outstanding compensation is paid in full, plus any other outstanding interest or damages. 

Checking pay statements

It is important for workers to get into the habit of reviewing their statements to see if all wages and hours are included. The statement can be checked against the person’s own personal records. If wages appear to be missing or paid at a rate lower than minimum wage, it is possible that this is some kind of simple payroll error that can be fixed by simply notifying the employer. However, some workers will find that trying to bring the unpaid wages to their employer’s attention will cause them to be evasive or make excuses. These workplaces may need to face an investigation and lawsuits to fix illegal pay practices.  

Reviewing any applicable overtime

If an hourly employee has worked over forty hours in a week, the time beyond forty hours needs to be compensated at an overtime rate that is at least one and one half times their standard pay. Employers may not know about overtime laws, or they may tell all of their workers that they are salaried or independent contractors to avoid having to pay overtime. Anyone who consistently works more than forty hours in a week but does not receive overtime pay may want to get legal advice. 

Work before or after the shift beings

If an employer asks for a worker to perform any tasks at their direction, this time should be compensated at their standard pay rate. Some employers may get into the habit of constantly asking a worker for these kinds of favors before or after the workday without the appropriate pay. If this happens, it is illegal and considered wage theft.  

Employment lawyers in Texas

Moore and Associates is a firm that handles labor and employment issues in Amarillo and other parts of Texas. Those who need advice about workplace problems such as unpaid wages, sexual harassment, or discrimination can meet with their attorneys.

USAttorneys.com is a site that lists lawyers all over the country. People who are searching for a legal professional can call 800-672-3103 for immediate assistance.

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