How does unintentional wage theft happen in Harlingen?

Harlingen, TX – One of the most common problems that workers in Harlingen may have to deal with is not being paid as required by law. This is considered wage theft, regardless of the employer’s reasons for doing so. Many employers can commit wage theft without even realizing it, and their mistakes cost American workers a very large amount each year. The employer merely needs to underpay their workers for any reason, including honest mistakes, to be guilty of wage theft. Here are some ways that unintentional wage theft can happen to workers.  

Mistakes in payroll

While most companies use some kind of automated payroll software or program to compensate their workers, it is possible that these programs can make errors in the administration of worker pay. For this reason, workers should always check their pay statements and other documents to see if their records actually match their total number of hours and overtime. The employer is also required to have accurate records of each worker’s wage and hours that are available for inspection if there is an investigation. 

Ignorance of overtime laws

Employees who are hourly workers need to be paid at one and one half times their regular rate after more than forty hours or work in a seven day consecutive period. However, many workplaces either do not honor these rules and just pay all of their workers straight time for all hours worked, they attempt to say that all workers are salaried, or they can attempt to argue that all workers are independent contractors. Any worker who is curious about their eligibility for overtime should get an outside opinion from a labor attorney or other professional. 

Asking for extra work

Workers should not be told that they need to do extra work or favors off of the clock. All work that is done needs to be compensated in some manner, and minimum wage and overtime laws will apply. This is true even when employers make excuses such as needing favors or other additional work. Unpaid labor is absolutely not allowed under various state and federal laws, and workers who take legal action need to be paid the full outstanding amount for any labor that has been done at the employer’s direction. 

Labor attorneys are available in Texas

Moore and Associates is a firm that deals with labor and employment law matters in Harlingen and other parts of Texas. Their lawyers are available to meet with anyone who has workplace concerns about unpaid wages or other issues. 

USAttorneys.com is a service that connects people with a lawyer in their area. People who are searching for the right attorney can call 800-672-3103 for assistance.

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