How is a business in Plano penalized for wage theft?

Plano, TX – Wage theft is a fairly common problem for workers in Texas in every industry, and it results in millions of dollars in losses every year. Employers often do not pay their workers all that they are owed, even if this is due to an honest mistake or some kind of misunderstanding between the workplace and the employees. Ideally, the workplace will look into the problem if the worker has reported unpaid wages and correct the issue by paying them correctly. However, when an employer does not correct these problems it is possible that they can be investigated by a government agency or face a lawsuit from the worker. There are various punishments that the employer can face if these parties get involved.

Fines from investigations

After wage theft is reported, government agencies such as the Department of Labor on the federal level and the Texas Workforce Commission on the state level can fine employers after an investigation for not paying their workers properly. Penalties tend to increase if the employer is a repeat offender or the violations are severe and widespread. In some cases, these fines can be several thousand dollars.

Paying the worker properly

Once wage theft has been discovered, the employer needs to pay the full amount that is owed to the employee, including any interest on late wages and overtime. The employee does not have to negotiate or settle for a lesser amount than the entire amount they are owed. If the workplace tries to dispute this, they can be compelled to issue the worker their unpaid wages through a lawsuit or order from the investigating agency. 

Liquidated damages

An additional type of damages is available in some unpaid wage lawsuits. Liquidated damages are usually an amount that is agreed upon as a consequence of violating an agreement. This may be detailed in an employment contract or other relevant documents that outline the relationship between the worker and employer. 

Damage to their reputation

It is fairly common for news about wage theft to be reported by local media where the business is located. This kind of negative publicity can often result in lost customers and other kinds of financial damage over time. 

Labor lawyers in Texas

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