How often do workers recover lost income in North Richland Hills?

North Richland Hills, TX – Not all workers receive proper payment for the time that they have worked each pay period. The employer is technically committing wage theft when this happens, even if there was a mistake or clerical error that caused the improper payment. Even things such as not being allowed to take required breaks can be considered wage theft as well, because this means that the employee is working more than they need to in order to be paid at their regular rate. 

Much wage theft is never noticed

Wage theft can take many forms and workers need to be proactive to discover that they have not been paid properly. For this reason, it is estimated that American workers collectively lose millions or even billions to wage theft each year, and much of it goes unnoticed. Ideally, workers should check their pay statements every time they are paid. Any kind of underpayments, missing overtime, deductions that seem strange, or other issues with the statement should be discussed with the company’s management or payroll department. It is possible that honest mistakes are made and they will be corrected when brought to the employer’s attention. 

Enforcement issues

Another problem with trying to ensure that workers are paid properly is enforcement. Government agencies that handle wage theft have limited resources, and they may not always be able to devote enough time to each unpaid wage claim as they would like. It can also be difficult to obtain sufficient evidence of wage theft from companies that did not exist for very long before going out of business, as their recordkeeping may not have been sufficient and they can be difficult to track down.  

Additional assistance with wage theft

There are many situations where a company is intentionally finding ways to underpay their workers. This can include misclassifications of workers as salaried or independent contractors instead of hourly, never paying overtime, making illegal deductions from paychecks, or asking for additional work while the person is not clocked in. If an employer is engaging in these kinds of actions, it is less likely that they will be willing to pay the worker properly when the problems with the pay statement are identified. In these cases, the worker may need to report their missing wages to the Texas Workforce Commission or contact a local labor attorney for advice. 

Employment lawyers in Texas

Moore and Associates is a labor law practice that works with clients in North Richland Hills and throughout Texas. Their lawyers are available to meet with anyone who needs help and provide answers. 

USAttorneys.com can help people who are trying to find a lawyer to match their needs. Anyone who needs to speak with a local attorney can call 800-672-3103 for a referral.

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