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Have Your or Are Your Employment Rights Being Violated in Kentucky?

 As an employee, federal and Kentucky laws give you rights and protections against a hostile work environment. However, even with those protections in place, workplace discrimination occurs often, and victims need to understand their rights and know what they can do if they are subjected to workplace discrimination, harassment or other workplace hostility.

What is Workplace Discrimination?

Workplace discrimination occurs when an employee is discriminated against because of their age, gender, physical disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or national origin. Those categories are considered protected classes under federal and Kentucky state law. Discriminatory actions include biased hiring practices, denying a worker a promotion or equal pay because they belong to a protected class, or subjecting them to harassment.

Under Kentucky’s Civil Rights Act employers are forbidden discriminating any worker who belongs to the protected classes listed above and could be sanctioned by the state and federal agencies for any violation. The law also gives victims the right

Filing a Workplace Discrimination Claim in Kentucky

Employees who would like to file a discrimination claim should act quickly. If you plan on filing your complaint with Kentucky Commission of Human Rights, you must do so within 180 days of when the discrimination occurred. You are required to cross-file your complaint with the EEOC within the same period. If you file with the EEOC, you have 300 days to cross-file with KHRC. recommends you speak with an employment law attorney to assist you with your claim. They will make certain you meet critical deadlines, so your claim isn’t jeopardy.

If your employer is in violation of Kentucky labor laws, you fill out the form found here, and send it to the following address:

Kentucky Labor Cabinet

1047 US HWY 127 S – STE 4

Frankfort, KY 40601-4381


Discrimination and harassment complaints should be filed with a KCHR office near you. Below are couple of key locations:

Kentucky Commission on Human Rights -Louisville

332 W. Broadway

Louisville, KY 40202

Phone: (502) 595-4024


Kentucky Commission on Human Rights-Northern Kentucky Office

20 West Pike Street, Room 108

Covington, KY 41011

Phone: (859) 292-2935

Fax: (859) 292-2938


If you are filing a discrimination or sexual harassment complaint, you are required to file a complaint with the EEOC. You can learn how to submit a claim on their website which you can send to a local office.

EEOC — Louisville Area Office

600 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Place

Suite 268

Louisville, KY 40202

Phone: (502) 582-6082

TTY: (502) 582-6285

After you file your claim, you must wait until each agency investigates and determines if you have a valid claim. If your claim is deemed valid, the EEOC may ask you and your employer to agree to mediation to resolve your complaint. When mediation isn’t the right choice, you can take your claim to court and possibly win a larger settlement.

Contact an Employment Law Attorney in Kentucky

Below are several types of cases our employment law attorneys can help you with:

Disability discrimination

Age discrimination

Genetic discrimination

Race discrimination


Sexual harassment

Wrongful termination has an expert employment law attorneys throughout the state we can connect you with today. Call and arrange a case evaluation without further delay.



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