When a Layoff Becomes a Wrongful Termination

Take a moment to consider this hypothetical situation Massachusetts employment and labor law attorneys want to share with you. Suppose you were struggling with an issue at your place of employment, and while the managers who worked alongside you failed to accurately handle it to ensure it never happened again, you are repeatedly mistreated by another administrator, leaving you feeling as though your rights have been violated. Eventually you decide to take your complaints and report them to someone higher up. After a few days have passed, you go into work and realize all of your belonging that once laid upon your desk have been removed. You are informed you have been terminated.

Massachusetts employment and labor lawyersWhile a situation similar to this might pan out a bit different, wrongful terminations do in fact occur and many employees fail to stand up for their rights and fight for their job, or justice against this unlawful act. We work long hours, and devote a large portion of our lives to our jobs, and when they are swept right up from under our feet, something should be done about it.

But how do you know if you have been wrongfully terminated from your job?

Labor and employment lawyers identify someone who has been laid off in an unethical manner as follows.

  • You were fired out of discrimination. This means your employer one way or another used your gender, race, religion, etc. as a means of firing you although they will never come out and state that is the reason why you have been let go. One employment lawsuit recently filed involved a company who was terminating males as they were trying to promote female workers and their abilities to rise to the top. Of course the males that were released from their duties were told their performance levels were low.
  • Fired out of retaliation- Administrators and those higher up on the scale generally dislike when an employee goes behind their back and reports a wrongdoing of theirs, even when they are guilty. Often times they will use an irrelevant reason to fire you, even though you know it was done so in the form of retaliation against your actions.
  • Illegal Acts- Another reason your employer may decide to randomly let you go is if they asked you to perform or conduct yourself in an illegal manner and you failed to do so. Unfortunately for them, this is not a legitimate reason to fire you, hence, it would then be considered a wrongful termination.

Employment law attorneys in Massachusetts believe every employee deserves a fair chance to retain compensation for lost wages and suffering one may have endured as a result of their employer wrongfully terminating them. In the event you believe you have been let go and there wasn’t a valid reason that supports the actions of your employer, your best bet is to give a labor law lawyer at USAttorneys the opportunity to review your claims, and decide if you have a viable case on your hands.

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