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Workers in Michigan have rights to protect them from discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, wage theft or wrongful termination. However, the rights of workers are routinely violated or ignored by employers and coworkers. In such cases, employees have rights and can file a formal complaint against their employer.

Key Laws that Protect Workers in Michigan

Michigan has a vast array of laws protecting workers from abusive practices in the workplace. Federal discrimination laws, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,2 42 USC 1981 and Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits employers from discriminating against a person based on the following:


National origin

Medical condition




Sexual orientation

The ADEA prohibits employers from discriminating against applicants or employees over the age of forty.

Michigan has additional employment laws on top of federal statutes. The Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act (ELCRA) protects workers from discrimination for the categories listed above and includes weight, height, familial status, and marital status.

What Steps Should I Take?

If you experience discrimination, sexual harassed or were terminated because of your race, sex, physical disability or national origin in the workplace, you need to report any troubling incidents you encounter or witness.

Because workplace abuses are covered by federal law, you need to report any discriminatory behavior to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Your workplace should be free of discrimination, harassment, and hostility. You shouldn’t tolerate an abusive or unhappy workplace and should take action immediately and contact a lawyer to inform you what steps come next. Our lawyers will assist you with filing your complaint with the EEOC and help you decide if you should file a civil claim with a local court. One of our outstanding attorneys will guide you through the right course of action.

Below are a few civil court locations in Michigan:

Third Judicial Circuit Court

2 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226


10th District Court-Civil Division

161 E Michigan Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49014


13th Circuit Court

328 Washington St #300, Traverse City, MI 49684

Contact one of the employment law attorneys at if you need assistance with any of the following issues:

Wage or overtime pay violations

Sexual harassment

Termination for filing a worker’s compensation claim

Retaliation for reporting discrimination and harassment

If you face discrimination or other abuses, you can file a civil claim and seek compensation for your lost wages, emotional distress and other economic damages associated with your abusive workplace. We suggest you meet with an attorney and discuss if you are entitled to financial compensation. You will get honest answers from our team of lawyers in Michigan because they are well-versed in federal and state employee protections. has listings for knowledgeable and respected attorneys throughout Michigan who can assist you with aspects of your employment claim. We can connect you with the nearest workplace discrimination attorney to evaluate your case and explain the appropriate course of action to take in your case.



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