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Running a business can be difficult because there is so much to keep track of and rules to follow. Worker’s rights are important, and employers should take the time to familiarize themselves with federal and state employment laws to avoid any mistakes that could result in a workplace violation or civil lawsuit.

Standard Errors Employers Make That Violate Employment Laws in Missouri

Employers have a duty to ensure the rights of their employers are not being violated and ensure no discrimination or harassment is occurring. Most employers take the correct steps by giving their employees detailed discrimination and harassment training, but sometimes training isn’t enough to avoid a hostile work environment. Below are some of the common mistakes Missouri employers make that lead to employment law violations.

Not Acting Soon Enough

Many employers face civil suits because they didn’t take a discrimination or harassment complaint seriously and didn’t address the problem. Employers have an obligation to investigate any claims they receive and take remedial actions when warranted, but too many employers fail to act quickly enough to end a problem before it becomes a major issue.

Discriminatory Hiring Practices

When hiring a new person, employers need to consider their qualifications and experience, but employers must avoid discriminatory hiring practices. Employers can get into trouble if they if they consciously or unconsciously refuse to a hire a person based on their age, disability, race, sex or religion.

Work at Will Mistakes

Employers in work at will states have broad latitude to fire an employee, but there are exceptions that many Missouri employers are unaware of and sometimes wrongfully terminate a person. For instance, an employer can be in the wrong if they terminated an employee who had a contract.


Retaliation complaints made up nearly half of all complaints received by the EEOC in 2013. Too many employers act against the employee who reports discrimination and harassment and denies them a raise, demotes them or dismisses them instead of the abusive worker.

To report an employer for workplace violations, contact the EEOC or the Missouri Human Rights Commission at the addresses below:


Missouri Human Rights Commission

Central Office

3115 W. Truman Blvd., Rm 212

Jefferson City, MO 65102

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

1222 Spruce St #8.100

St. Louis, MO 63103

Why You Should Hire an Employment Lawyer in Missouri

For your workplace discrimination or harassment suit to be successful, you must show that you belong to a protected class and have evidence to support your allegations. Your biggest hurdle is providing sufficient proof that you were harassed. To prove your claim, you must demonstrate the following:

You are a member of a protected class

If you have a sexual harassment claim, you must show that the attention you received was unwanted

You must show the discrimination and harassment was repeated and pervasive

Workplace discrimination claims have a high bar of proof, so you need to turn to an expert in employment law. can connect you with an attorney in Missouri to help you with your workplace discrimination claim. We have employment lawyers in throughout the state including St. Louis and Kansas City.



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