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Toxic behaviors can be damaging to a workplace and can cause unnecessary and unwarranted strife for workers. Nebraska workplaces need to be free discrimination, and harassment and no employee should be punished for standing up for themselves or other workers. Any worker who has their rights violated can seek compensation if they can prove their employer acted unlawfully.

Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission (NEOC)

The Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission was established in 1965 to ensure workers are not tolerating a hostile work environment and to ensure landlords are not engaging in workplace discrimination. The agency receives complaints and investigates to determine if any action should be taken. If a claim has merit, the NEOC can impose fines on an employer, and they may be ordered to compensate a harassment victim or victims for their emotional distress and lost wages. The agency handles discrimination and harassment for the following:



Public Accommodations

Employment Law in Nebraska

Under federal and Nebraska law, it is unlawful to discriminate against any employee based on their race, sex, religion, age, country of origin or pregnancy. Nebraska’s employment discrimination and wage laws apply to workplaces with more than 15 employees and include for-profit businesses and non-profits.

Wage Discrimination or Fraud

Under the Equal Pay Act, employers are forbidden from paying a person less because of their sex. Employers are also prohibited from refusing to pay an employee for hours worked, skimming their pay or refusing to pay overtime wages.

The NEOC is in charge of enforcing the following employment-related statutes:

Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act (FEPA)

Age Discrimination in Employment Act (Age Act)

Nebraska Fair Housing Act

Providing Equal Enjoyment of Public Accommodations (PA Law)

Equal Pay Act of Nebraska

Civil Claims for Unlawful Employment Practices

Employees who face a hostile workplace can seek compensation for their economic damages related to their emotional distress, lost wages and lost benefits. To recover the compensation you deserve, you can accept a settlement or take your claim to court. Either way, you need a knowledgeable lawyer working on your case.

If you are subjected to the following unlawful employment practices you might be entitled to compensation:

Age, race, sexual, gender and religious discrimination

Sexual harassment

Retaliation including denial of promotions, raises, and wrongful termination

For a successful discrimination or harassment suit, you need an attorney on your side. They understand the burden of proof you must meet to get the compensation you deserve. USAttorneys has a talented and tenacious team of employment lawyers in Nebraska who will make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Our experienced team will investigate and gather all the evidence they can to build an unassailable employment law violation claim.

Don’t be afraid to do something, contact one of the employment lawyers at and get informed about your options. You will get honest and trustworthy advice from our top-notch legal teams throughout Nebraska. No matter where you are located, we have a skilled attorney who can help you get justice if an employer wronged you.



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