Netflix faces lawsuit from show cast members for wage theft

Dallas, TX – Many companies will engage in various practices that are meant to pay workers as little as possible for their time and effort. In some cases, this is illegal if the workers are given less than minimum wage, are not given break time, or not paid for all of the time that they worked. Workers in this situation should obtain legal advice, as an unpaid wage lawsuit will allow them to collect all of their outstanding pay, and there may be additional damages such as interest on late wages. A labor attorney can provide more advice about the specific amount of compensation that may be available and how to bring a lawsuit. 

National streaming service Netflix is facing lawsuits over potential labor law violations for underpaying people who worked during the filming of the show “Love is Blind” [1].

People working on Netflix show worked long hours with little pay

The lawsuit claims that contestants on the show were given a flat salary of $1000 per week, but they essentially worked nonstop, sometimes putting in 20 hour days. They were given very little access to food and water during the filming days as well. One of the workers spoke of being ill and needing several days to recover due to the conditions after the series was finished. These matters were complicated by the fact that people starring in the show needed to sign a contract that stated they would owe Netflix $50,000 in liquidated damages if they did not complete the filming. 

The case alleges that the numbers come out to workers being paid both less than the federal minimum wage and the state minimum wage where the show was filmed. The case also argues that the workers should have been classified as employees rather than independent contractors, as they were essentially under the control of the producers for the entire time of the show’s production. The attorney representing one of the cast members spoke of the plaintiff being isolated from the outside world during filming and having no time to communicate with family members, plus fear of retaliation for violating the unfair contract that was signed. 

The plaintiffs in the case are seeking damages for unpaid wages, compensation for missed break periods, and various labor law violations. 

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