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You have rights in the workplace and should be protected from detrimental and discriminatory actions in the workplace. You should never have to go to work every day in fear of being mistreated because of your race or enduring inappropriate sexual behavior, but many workers are subjected to those abuses in workplaces across New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights

You should contact the New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights if you experienced discrimination based on:



Genetic Makeup



Sex, and more.

Or, you experienced sexual harassment, retaliation or wage discrimination.

Reporting to Your Employer

Victims of discrimination, harassment or retaliation, or anyone who witnesses such incidents should file a complaint with their human resources department or the appropriate supervisor right away. Once you employer receives a complaint, they are required to acknowledge your allegations, investigate your claims and punish the offender when warranted.

Under federal discrimination laws, an employer must be given a chance to address any complaints about employment law violations. They must investigate and determine if the allegations are true. If a worker’s claims are substantiated, an employer must take corrective actions which can include temporary suspension, demotion or termination or they risk a civil suit.

If your employer fails to take your discrimination or harassment claim seriously, you can take your claim a step further and file a civil claim. But first, you must contact federal and state labor agencies and file a complaint and stop other employees from being subjected to abuse or mistreatment

Reporting to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and NH Human Rights Division

Employers must be held accountable if they violate federal and state labor laws. On the federal level, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) handles discrimination complaints. The New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights (NHCHR) handles state level complaints.

You must file a complaint with each of these agencies so they can impose sanctions and require an employer improve hostile conditions in the workplace.

If your New Hampshire employer violates labor laws, you can contact the NHCHR at the address below:

New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights

2 Industrial Park Dr.,

Concord, NH 03301

(603) 271-2767


You also need to file a formal complaint with EEOC office in New Hampshire which is located at:

New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights

2 Chenell Drive

Concord, NH 03301-8501

After filing your claim, you must wait for each agency to investigate and decide if your claim warrants further action. Each agency will investigate and decide if your claim is valid and can proceed to civil court and allow you to recover compensation.

Hire an Employment Law Attorney in New Hampshire

As the victim of sexual harassment, discrimination or wrongful termination, you likely suffered economic damages and emotional distress for which you deserve compensation. USAttorneys.com encourages you to meet with an employment law and discrimination lawyer in New Hampshire and discuss what direction your case should take.

You can choose to accept a settlement or take your claim to civil court. Whatever course you choose, you need an experienced attorney on your side assisting you with you with your discrimination or harassment claim through every stage of your case. Call and arrange a case evaluation today and learn what you need to do next.




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