Do You Need To Talk To An Employment Attorney In New Jersey?


Employees shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in their workplace because of their race, marital status or sex. They also shouldn’t be subjected to sexual harassment every day when they just want to go to work and do their job. Workers shouldn’t have to tolerate those behaviors in their New Jersey workplace, but many do. If you endure discrimination or harassment, you can act. We’ll talk about some of the basics here.

Workplace Violations in New Jersey

Under New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination (LAD), employers are forbidden from discriminating in any “job-related action,” which can include but not limited to hiring, promotions, benefits, and termination, based on a worker’s protected class. New Jersey has a much broader list of protected classes than federal law. Below is an abridged list of protected categories:


Gender identity or expression


National origin

Marital status

Mental or physical disability

HIV/AIDs status


Same-sex unions


An employer should make it their priority to ensure the workplace is not a hostile work environment and employees are not being subjected to abuse. While many employers avoid unlawful workplace practices, some supervisors and bosses ignore troubling behaviors. An employer is required by state and federal law to address and take corrective actions when they receive an unlawful practices claim.

Employers often face civil claims for employment law violations for the following reasons:

No training or inadequate training

Failing to address discrimination or harassment claims soon enough

Retaliating against an employee for filing a complaint

Hiring discrimination

Wrongful termination

Wage discrimination or withholding

To report an employer for persistent unlawful workplace practices, contact the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:

Division on Civil Rights- New Jersey

New Jersey Civil Rights

31 Clinton St # 3,

Newark, NJ 07102


Civil Rights Division

140 E Front St # 6,

Trenton, NJ 08608


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

2 Gateway Center,

Newark, NJ 07102

Contact an Employment Lawyer in New Jersey

After you inform your employer and report to federal and state agencies, you should contact an employment law attorney in New Jersey and allow them to evaluate your case. They can tell you if your allegations have merit and if you are entitled to compensation.

You need a discrimination and harassment attorney because proving a discrimination or harassment case is difficult. You must show that you were subjected to mistreatment because of your protected class and that the treatment was pervasive. Those two things are much harder to prove than you would think. USAttorneys team of employment law attorneys can make certain you meet the burden of proof and are awarded the compensation Contact USAttorneys today and will connect you with an employment lawyer in New Jersey to work on your claim and make sure your employer takes responsibility for not ending abusive and discriminatory practices ion the workplace.



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