An Ohio Wife Was Killed by Literally Being Worked to Death

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What can be said when you learn that your spouse or significant other was harmed or even killed because they were literally worked to death? The only other thing besides being deeply devastated is the need to understand why and the desire to receive answers and explanations in understanding how this saddening accident took place. Employment and labor lawyers in Ohio constantly take on cases where many workers, nurses in particular, find themselves working in a facility that is under-staffed, resulting in them picking up the slack and being over-worked.

photodune 3718182 mature woman tired of personal income taxes xs 300x200 An Ohio Wife Was Killed by Literally Being Worked to DeathCNN News reported back in November 2013, that a husband filed a lawsuit against the hospital his wife worked at for being over-worked to the point where her death may have been caused just by that. Jim Jasper, whose wife lost her life in an unfortunate car accident, claims she died driving home after work because the hospital required her to put in more hours than bearable, all the while the hospital was aware. He began the process of filing a wrongful death lawsuit, which also suffices as a reason to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Beth, Jasper’s wife, worked at the Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati, and for years was often called into work when scheduled to be off, as well as having to work through her breaks to provide patients with the care they required. It is believed she had fallen asleep at the wheel and veered off the road, causing her to crash, and lose her life. The report mentioned she spoke with staff prior to leaving and expressed her levels of stress and the fact that she hadn’t eaten. Ohio employment law legal representatives understand your job provides you with a means to live, however, never allow yourself to become subjected to such work conditions without speaking up and being acknowledged.

Employers often overlook the conditions their employees are forced to work in, typically in those facilities or areas that are under-staffed. Because the corporate offices or administrators managing their staff lack the appropriate number of employees to get the work completed, it should not fall on others to pick up the loose ends. During the hiring process, one learns of the description of the job including the details, salary, and expected hours to be worked. On some occasions, it is understandable when an employee has to stay a few extra hours should a staff member find they are sick, but not on a daily basis.

If you find yourself in a similar situation mentioned in the news report, where you are extremely over-worked, fatigued, and never have the opportunity to say “no,” you may find sitting down with your employer is the first step in resolving this situation. After having the discussion and no attempt is made in resolving the problem, our experienced and understanding labor and employment law attorneys can step in, ensuring you are receiving the rightful treatment your employer is legally expected to give as stated in your contract. Often times employees find themselves in similar situations but fail to use their voice, bringing more harm upon themselves than necessary.

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