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Employers are required by law to pay their employees at either minimum wage or the amount that has been agreed upon in the contract that was signed during the hiring process. When an employer fails to provide a worker with adequate pay, they risk being recognized by the Bureau of Wage and Hour Administration. If you are an Ohio employee who is looking to file a complaint against your employer for failure to compensate you for the time and work you have provided, you can do so with the bureau or through an Ohio labor and employment law attorney. However, it is important to note that you cannot take action against you employer through the Bureau and an attorney both at the same time.


Should I hire an employment attorney in Ohio if my boss isn’t paying me minimum wage?


While it may be too soon to determine if you need to employ an Ohio labor and employment lawyer just yet, it can’t hurt to receive your free case evaluation. When an employment law attorney provides you with a case review, they may go over some if not all of the following information.

There are many other important questions that are going to be asked, but you want to have the basic information regarding your matter ready to present. And once you sit down and speak with a knowledgeable labor law attorney that was recommended from our site, they will aid you in deciding whether or not you need an attorney at this stage of your matter.


What is the Bureau of Wage and Hour Administration?


As mentioned before, you do have the right in the state of Ohio to file a complaint against your employer with the Bureau which is a part of the Department of Commerce. If you do elect to file your complaint first, the Bureau will investigate the following types of complaints:


On the other hand, the Bureau will not assist you with the following:

If you believe you are ready to hire an Ohio employment law lawyer or you still need additional questions answered, contact us now so an agent can begin taking down your information and working to find you the perfect lawyer. You need a professional who isn’t going to force you into doing something you don’t agree with as well as someone who is going to provide you with all the upfront information that is going to help you make an informed decision on what you should do.

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