Do You Need To Talk To An Oregon Employment Attorney?

In the state of Oregon, minimum wage rates depend on the county in which you live in. If you live in the Portland Metro district, you should be receiving a minimum of at least $9.75 per hour. This is also the standard minimum wage rate for other counties in Oregon. This the current rate set by law and all employers are obligated to start an employer off at this rate, if not more. If you live in a nonurban county, your minimum wage rate per hour is $9.50.

If you are starting at a place of employment only making minimum wage, your employer must start you off at these rates. If any company or employer pays a worker below the state’s minimum wage rate, they run the risk of being sued or having a complaint filed against them.

Are you worried that your boss isn’t paying you for the time you work? Do you feel that you spend more hours working but your paycheck isn’t reflecting the additional pay you are supposed to be receiving. If so, it may be time for you to talk to one of our trusted labor and employment lawyers in Oregon about this issue.

While some employers provide their workers with the right type of environment and comply with state laws, others take advantage and fail to pay what it is that the state law requires of them.


What counties are considered non-urban counties in Oregon?


Below is a list of the counties in Oregon that would be considered non-urban, hence, the minimum wage for all employees would start at $9.50.


Which counties fall under the Portland Metro District?



If you live in any of counties listed below, you would be compensated $9.75 per hour in the event you are making minimum wage.



How do I file a complaint against my employer?


If you have found that your employer isn’t paying you what you are rightfully do, you are going to want to contact us first and schedule your free consultation with a nearby employment law attorney in Oregon. You also have the option of contacting the Wage-Hour Division to report a minimum wage violation. The toll-free number to contact this division is:


Toll Free: (866) 4USWAGE (866-487-9243)
TTY: (877) 889-5627
(available Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time)


Should I Contact an Oregon Labor and Employment Lawyer Now?


Because of the training and experience our labor lawyers possess, we are sure they can provide you with the necessary tools and information you need when trying to decide on how to handle this discrepancy you have identified with your employer.

Our featured labor law attorneys understand the complex process that is associated with filing a lawsuit which is why they encourage you to seek their help. Filing a claim against an employer isn’t exactly easy and you may be worried that it is going to affect your current standing with the company you are employed by. Our employment lawyers are more than familiar with all these concerns and will address each and every one with you.