Do You Need To Contact A Pennsylvania Employment Lawyer?

Being wrongfully terminated means that your employer fired you but the termination of your job was the result of your employer:

  • Violating a specific law
  • Violating a public policy
  • Going against the terms of your employment contract
  • He/she discriminated against you


Claiming wrongful termination can be rather difficult as there are very few circumstances that would qualify you for this. But, if you think you were wrongfully fired from your job and you reside in the state of Pennsylvania, talking with one of our employment law attorneys may help you to obtain the answers to the questions you might have.


Can I file a claim for wrongful termination if I am an at-will employee?

An at-will employee is someone who works for an employer who can end their employment at any given time. The employer is not subjected to give notice which means they can fire you without providing advanced notice and for any reason.

Of course, most employers have some sort of agreement with their employees, but the fact is, as an at-will employee, there is little legal action you can take in the event your employer decides they don’t need your services any longer or simply cannot afford to pay you. Only under the terms mentioned above can you file a lawsuit against your employer, and very few at-will employees have a viable case on their hands when they are fired from their job.

But, before you assume that your circumstances don’t qualify you to file a lawsuit against your employer, you need to first speak with one of our labor and employment law attorneys in Pennsylvania. They are the professionals with the most experience and they can advise you on what steps you are able to take and which will benefit you.


What are some justifiable reasons to file a claim against my employer for wrongful termination?

If your employer fired you because of your race, gender, or even because you were pregnant, you need to speak with a professional immediately so they can begin working on your claim. The fact is, losing a job could mean you are left with no way to pay for your monthly financial obligations. And it isn’t always that easy to find a job that will compensate you at the same rate of pay you were making.

Another example of when it might be in your best interest to file a claim is if your employer breaks your contract that both you and them signed and agreed to the terms stipulated in it. For instance, if your boss hired you for a specific time frame, let’s say a year, and has agreed to compensate you at a specific pay rate, they are obligated to follow through with their end of the agreement.

Therefore, if you feel that your employer wrongfully dismissed you from your duties, it is time you place a call to We have helpful agents ready to take your call and assist you in finding a nearby Pennsylvania employment law attorney. Our featured lawyers will see to it that if your employer engaged in illegal behavior that they are called out for it.


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