Do You Need A South Carolina Employment Lawyer?

Employers have certain laws and requirements they must meet in order to comply with South Carolina’s state laws. For instance, minimum wage and breaks must be paid and issued according to what the current laws stipulate otherwise they risk being sued by their employees or other organizations that help protect employee rights. Unfortunately, although the state does require certain things of those who provide jobs to individuals, not all comply. Many issues arise in the workplace and often times, an employee isn’t exactly sure of what actions they can take to combat against this unlawful treatment.

Some of the most common employment issues employees experience include:

  • ADA/FMLA/Workers Compensation Issues.
  • Medical inquiries of those who apply for a job and those who are already working for a company.
  • Employee status under the FLSA.
  • Off-duty misconduct.
  • Compensable work time and when it falls under FSLA.

The Municipal Association of South Carolina has highlighted these issues on, and are based on data collected from a labor hotline. While the issues varied, these were some of the major themes that seemed to continue to arise.


Is Your Employer Treating You Unfairly?

If you weren’t provided with adequate pay that meets state requirements or your boss fired you while you were permitted to be out of work on FMLA, it would be wise for you to speak with one of the recommended South Carolina employment law attorneys on

who can best explain your options. One thing we often forget is that we do have rights in the work field and while employers do have a certain level of freedom, they cannot treat any worker in a way that violates their contract and their rights.


What if My boss Denied Me FMLA?

FMLA, also known as the Family Medical Leave Act, entitles employees who are eligible to take unpaid, job-protected leave for medical or family reasons. The employees who are entitled to receive this also should be provided with insurance coverage under the same terms, just as if they were still reporting to work. So, if you became injured and needed some time off from work to recover, your employer should evaluate your circumstances and determine if FMLA is something you would qualify for.

If your employer denied you of FMLA coverage and you were rightfully entitled to receive it but are having difficulty getting your employer to comply, you may need one of our employment and labor law attorneys in South Carolina to assist you in getting your employer to re-evaluate their decision. Not all matters require for a lawsuit to be filed or legal action to be taken as sometimes all you need is a lawyer to let it be known that you are considering filing suit if need be. is Ready to Take Your Call

Whether your employment issue is major or minor and you are looking for some advice, we are ready to help get you connected with a South Carolina employment law lawyer in your city who is available to aid you and provide you with the information that is going to allow you to make an informed decision.


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