Tax Cuts in Florida Benefit Businesses and Legal Advisors 


Impact of the $1.3 Billion Tax Package on Commercial Real Estate

Gov. Ron DeSantis recently signed a $1.3 billion tax break package, HB 7063, that has generated much conversation, especially concerning the advantages it offers to commercial real estate professionals. While much attention is given to the impacts this tax relief will have on average residents, it is equally significant for businesses dealing in commercial leases. The tax package provides a 1% reduction in the state’s business rent tax, decreasing it from 5.5% to 4.5% starting December 1. In this scenario, the role of Attorneys becomes crucial in helping businesses understand and benefit from the changes.

Additional Future Tax Reductions and their Implications

Furthermore, another cut reducing the tax to 2% has already been passed in 2021 and will be implemented once the state’s unemployment trust fund is back in a stable condition. Local real estate sources shared with the Orlando Business Journal that both short-term and long-term cuts would be significant for businesses of all sizes. Business Attorneys can play a critical role in helping companies capitalize on these tax benefits while navigating the complicated tax laws.

Florida: An Outlier No More?

The tax package not only offers immediate relief but also aims to eventually eliminate a tax that sets Florida apart from other states. By gradually reducing the commercial lease tax, Florida may no longer be an outlier in the business world, thereby attracting more businesses to the state. Guidance from Orlando Business Attorneys can be essential for companies to understand the local tax landscape and make informed decisions.

Role of Attorneys in Contract Revisions and New Leases

Tax changes can trigger the need for reviewing existing contracts and negotiating new leases. In these situations, Orlando Florida Business Attorneys specialize in ensuring that businesses are not only compliant with the new laws but also take advantage of the financial benefits.

Attorneys and Long-Term Business Strategies

Whether it’s planning for future tax reductions or interpreting the current legislative changes, businesses need to strategize for the long-term. Having a consultation with Florida Business Attorneys can help firms develop sustainable tax strategies, ensuring they are prepared for whatever comes next.

Overall, the recent and forthcoming tax cuts in Florida provide significant opportunities for businesses, and expert legal advice can help in maximizing these benefits. Attorneys can guide through the maze of tax laws, ensuring that businesses not only comply with new regulations but also take advantage of financial opportunities.