Tennessee Laws Protecting Employees from Bullying in the Workplace

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Bullying by definition is recognized as someone who uses intimidation in forcing someone to do something they ordinarily would not want to do, or subjects an individual to unwanted mistreatment. While bullying is often exhibited throughout many schools amongst children, it does in fact occur in the workplace as well. While workplacefairness.org has identified that many states have yet to pass any laws that makes this action illegal, the repercussions an individual may face following the unwarranted acts could certainly stand for grounds of hiring a Tennessee employment and labor law attorney who may use the suffering brought on as a viable claim in court.

photodune 11346419 employee rights employment equality job business seminar concept xs 300x239 Tennessee Laws Protecting Employees from Bullying in the WorkplaceFor the state of Tennessee, government officials have taken a stand for employee rights in order to provide some sort of protection against employee mistreatment in the form of bullying. According to healthyworkplacebill.org, Tennessee has been recognized as the 26th state to bring into effect the Healthy Workplace Bill, and Governor Haslam signed the bill into state law back in 2014. What does this mean for workers in Tennessee?

In the event you are suffering from such behaviors including verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, humiliation, or work sabotage, you are urged to report this misconduct to someone higher up in the company, or report the misbehavior to your human resources department. Should you still struggle with obtaining the assistance in identifying someone for their misconduct and the unfortunate mistreatment placed upon you, labor and employment law lawyers in Tennessee  are your next step in following through with justice.

As it is evident that not all employers are going to be the friendliest or pleasant to work alongside of, there is a clear line that is drawn and most people are aware of when they cross this line and violate an employee’s rights. According to these statistics, it is clear that bullying is a serious issue in the work field, and employees are urged to stand up for their rights when subjected to this unfair treatment.

Workplacefairness.org highlighted that:

  • Almost 72% of those who came forward with their claims of being bullied at work have also witnessed other workers being mistreated as well.
  • Approximately 65 million employees in the U.S. have been affected in one way or another by being bullied at work.
  • 93 % of Americans “support a law outlawing generalized bullying in the workplace.”

Work can sometimes impose a significant amount of stress on an individual’s life, therefore, having to take on the burden of dealing with the emotional and psychological suffering brought on by bullying is not something a person should not have to endure.

With Tennessee having the Healthy Workplace Bill in full effect, and reputable Tennessee labor law legal representatives available to work to your benefit, it is up to you to take initiative in identifying a co-worker or employer who has bullied you or brought upon unethical behaviors. You can browse through USAttorneys now and learn about the employment law attorneys in Tennessee who hold much experience when it comes to defending employees and the mistreatment they have been harmed from.

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