Texas agricultural workers and farmers may benefit from new program

San Antonio, TX – A core principle of the United States government is that individuals are supposed to be treated equally. This is true regarding protected characteristics such as race, gender, religion, or national origin. Over the last several decades, both state and federal governments have made many changes to attempt to eliminate discriminatory practices and any actions that perpetuate systemic racism. 

The United States Department of Agriculture released a plan to make major changes to reduce discrimination in farming and remedy historical practices within the agency that may have been discriminatory [1].

History of discrimination in farming is targeted by new federal programs

An outline addressed four major areas that need to see improvement for the agency to reach its goals. These include the ways in which the agency will work with farmers in the future, changes that require an overhaul of entire departments, new commitments to farmers and their families, and reevaluations of various programs within the agency. Part of the motivation for making these changes are reports that go back several decades which highlight various acts of discrimination and practices where some individuals may have been treated unfairly due to their race.

A specific focus of improvement is the fact that new farmers or those of minority races have generally not been provided with sufficient resources and help to successfully start and maintain their livelihood through farming. There are also documented issues with farms that have been passed down through families without deeds or formal documentation that need to be addressed by the USDA. They noted that black families that acquired land in the period following the civil war may have not been given proper documents to prove ownership of a farm. 

Discriminatory practices in government and workplaces

Whether a person is working for a private sector company, for the government, or applying for any kind of government program, they cannot be mistreated or denied access to resources based on their race. If an individual has evidence that they may have been treated unfairly based on race, they can bring a lawsuit against the employer or agency for various civil rights violations. If the case is successful, the person may receive compensation related to things like their lost income or denied opportunities. 

Discrimination attorneys in Texas

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