Texas student argues that there is discrimination in university admission policies

Lubbock, TX – Americans in Texas and other states have civil rights protections that prevent discrimination. Despite these laws, workplaces, schools, and even the government are sued on a fairly regular basis for not following all relevant rules and procedures that are meant to protect individuals from unfair treatment. A recent lawsuit against various medical schools in Texas shows how these kinds of problems can happen. 

Potential discrimination in medical school admissions

As reported by KCBD.com, A lawsuit filed in federal court in Lubbock argues that various universities in Texas have discriminatory admissions policies [1]. 

The plaintiff in the case had argued that preference in medical school applications was given to some applicants based on their race and gender, but not others. According to him, these applicants were offered admission despite the fact that others who did not receive such treatment were rejected with better credentials such as grade point average and standardized test scores. The Travis County plaintiff is trying to demonstrate based on the information contained in his records request that certain racial groups with lower test scores and grade point averages were offered admission through an affirmative action system. Because the case had been recently filed at the time of publication, the outcome and other details were unknown.  

How discrimination happens

An employer, government agency, or educational institution is not allowed to engage in negative treatment of an individual based on membership in a protected class. These protected classes essentially apply to everyone on some level, as characteristics such as their race, gender, national origin, and religion are protected. As this news event shows, it is possible that things like hiring and admissions can be affected by an employer or institution considering these protected classes rather than more objective criteria. 

Related problems with retaliation

If a worker has asserted their rights through a claim for illegal harassment or discrimination, they also need to be careful that their employer will not retaliate. Those who have recently reported such illegal behaviors or brought a claim may find that they are suddenly demoted, punished, or terminated from their prior position. Depending on the facts and situation surrounding the actions, this may be illegal retaliation, which can also result in a lawsuit. 

Discrimination lawyers in Texas

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