There are good reasons why a worker in Flower Mound should always check their pay statements

Flower Mound, TX – It is possible that a worker can overlook various mistakes and other issues if they do not regularly check their pay stubs. In addition to reviewing the information on the document, the worker can also start keeping their own basic pay records to check for discrepancies. When the employer seems reluctant to correct any problems with the pay issued or discuss these matters with a worker, it is best to get advice from a labor attorney who practices locally. 

Administrative mistakes can happen

The amounts entered for a worker in any given pay period may not always be correct. While most companies use some kind of automated payroll program, it is certainly possible for a worker to notice an issue that results in less compensation. While this can be corrected easily in many situations, it is still important to check and notify the employer to avoid financial losses.  

Wage theft is common

Wage theft does not require an employer to actually steal from a worker’s pay. This is a broad term that covers any kind of situation where a worker has not been paid properly, or the employer asks for additional work with the expectation that the employee will not be compensated. Because wage theft is such a common problem in Texas and other states, it is estimated that American workers combined may lose billions each year by simply not being paid properly for all of the work they have done. 

Missing overtime

Workers who have been on the job for more than forty hours in a seven day consecutive period are generally entitled to overtime pay, with few exceptions. This is set by state and federal law to be at least one and one half times their standard pay rate. However, many employers either do not understand overtime laws correctly, or they attempt to tell workers that they are ineligible based on their employment status. 

Illegal deductions from pay

Pay statements can also have mistakes in terms of the amount taken out of a worker’s pay for taxes, social security, and benefits such as insurance. All workers should review their deductions with their lawyer to ensure that amounts being taken out of a pay statement are legitimate. It is possible that an employer will be deceptive to take additional money away from the worker.

Labor lawyers in Flower Mound

Moore and Associates is a labor and employment law practice in Texas. They work with people who have issues with unpaid wages, overtime law, discrimination, or sexual harassment. 

USAttorneys.com is a web directory of lawyers all over the country. Anyone who needs assistance with their legal search can call 800-672-3103 for help. 

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