Things workers in New Braunfels can do to track unpaid wages

New Braunfels, TXUnpaid wages and wage theft can potentially happen to people working in Texas. One of the best things an employee can do to protect themselves is to start keeping their own records and check these against their employer’s pay documentation and their actual take home pay. Anyone who has additional questions about these matters can meet with a labor attorney to see if legal action is necessary. 

Keeping records of hours

All employers are required by law to keep pay records that identify the employee and show all of the hours they have recorded. In case these records are not accurate, the employee should also keep some kind of similar records where they know how much time they have logged in each pay period. These can be compared for any potential divergence.  

Know how to calculate overtime

It is possible that some unpaid wages can include overtime. In most cases, the worker’s overtime pay will be one and one half times their standard rate for each hour above forty worked in a seven day consecutive period. If a worker is salaried or an independent contractor, they will not be eligible for overtime, however almost all hourly full time employees can receive overtime pay. 

Looking at pay statements

Each payday, a person should receive a statement that shows their hours, rate, and other relevant information. These should always be checked for accuracy, and any discrepancies should be reported to the payroll department immediately. It is possible that some kind of simple error resulted in the discrepancy, and it can be fixed easily.

Checking for illegal deductions

It is possible that a worker has logged their hours correctly and the employer has issued pay for the correct number of total hours and overtime. However, the employer is only allowed to deduct for federal taxes, social security, and certain other items allowed by law. It is fairly common for workers to lose pay because an employer has deducted additional amounts either due to a misunderstanding of the law, or because of an intentional scheme to withhold additional money that is not supposed to be taken away from the worker.

Employment lawyers are available to give additional advice

Moore and Associates is a law firm that handles various labor and employment issues in the area of New Braunfels and other parts of Texas. People who have had to deal with workplace problems such as unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, sexual harassment, or discrimination can meet with their attorneys for advice.

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