Three facts about minimum wage laws in College Station

College Station, TX – The minimum wage laws were established decades ago to ensure that workers who are employed will earn a fair and reasonable amount. These laws are still active everywhere in the United States, and employers are required by law to comply with them, otherwise they can face fines, lawsuits, and other consequences. There are also labor lawyers who can provide assistance to those dealing with minimum wage issues or other illegal pay practices

The state and federal minimum wage law are the same

Some states have chosen to create a minimum wage that is above the amount required by the federal government. The federal minimum wage is the lowest that workers can legally be paid, and a state cannot pass a law that allows a business to pay less than this amount. In Texas, the state minimum wage matches the federal minimum wage at $7.25 per hour since the most recent increase in 2009. 

Paying less than minimum wage is wage theft

Wage theft is considered any action by an employer that results in the worker receiving less pay than they actually earned. If an employer has been paying a worker less than minimum wage, they can be reported to the Texas Workforce Commission and the person can retain their own lawyer. If there is a lawsuit, the worker can ask for the full amount that they should have been paid, along with any outstanding interest on late wages or other relevant damages. 

There are only a few exceptions to minimum wage laws

Almost all workers in Texas and other states are protected by minimum wage laws. However, there are just a few narrow exceptions. These include certain sales people at car dealerships and other outside salespeople, farm workers, full time student workers in certain programs, and seasonal or informal employees. Workers who receive most of their wages through tips do not need to be paid at least minimum wage by their employers, although their total tips during the course of a shift must add up to at least minimum wage otherwise their employer is required to make up the difference. Any worker who has been told they are not eligible for protection through minimum wage laws should meet with an attorney to check their status. 

Assistance from an employment lawyer in Texas

Moore and Associates is a law firm that handles labor and employment disputes in College Station and other cities in Texas. Their attorneys are focused on helping those who have problems with unpaid wages, sexual harassment, discrimination, overtime law, and minimum wage violations.

USAttorneys.com is a site that can help anyone find a lawyer in their city or state. Representatives are available at 800-672-3103 to assist with the search for the right legal professional. 

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