Three situations where a worker should bring a sexual harassment lawsuit in Ventura

Ventura, CA – Sexual harassment laws are meant to protect workers from certain types of behavior that can compromise their ability to feel safe at work. However, there are also limitations on what kinds of incidents sexual harassment laws cover. Those who are concerned about workplace harassment should try to get a basic overview of some situations where they may need to take action, then talk to a lawyer for more specific advice. 

Here are three common scenarios that may require a harassment lawsuit. 

After being solicited for sexual acts by a supervisor

Any employee who has been asked by their boss or supervisor to engage in sexual behavior is a victim of quid pro quo harassment. This is usually done in exchange for things like job retention, bonuses, salary increases, or additional workplace benefits. The reason this type of harassment is taken seriously by the courts is that it is a clear abuse of power, and any worker can potentially start to have devastating problems if their employment is contingent on complying with any kind of forced sexual activity. It is also possible that victims can be of any gender or the same gender as their boss. 

When there is a hostile work environment

Workers are protected from being subjected to mistreatment that is pervasive and affects their ability to function. A sexual harassment lawyer in California should be retained to review the situation, but hostile work environments usually have a few features. The mistreatment of the victim is based on their gender or sex, and any reasonable worker put in the same situation would not be able to complete their normal job duties because of how they have been affected by the conduct of others. This can include things like inappropriate humor or verbal abuse from others. The person or people responsible for the abuse do not necessarily have to be coworkers, as a company can be responsible for the actions of customers or clients who engage in this kind of behavior as well.   

Criminal activity that happens in the workplace

When a person starts to physically touch someone else against their will, the victim should call the police. If a person needs to contact the police for incidents that happen at work such as sexual assault or battery, they may also be able to bring a sexual harassment lawsuit against their employer. The relevant analysis can include whether the employer was aware of the problem and if they had taken adequate precautions to protect their workers. 

Legal advice is available in Ventura California

USAttorneys.com is a service that connects people with sexual harassment lawyers and legal professionals in other areas of practice. Anyone who needs to get connected to a licensed attorney in their area can call 800-672-3103 for a referral.

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