Three ways that companies try to get away with wage theft in Baytown

Baytown, TX – Not paying workers properly is a big problem in American workplaces. Many companies either make serious mistakes when it comes to wage laws, or they depend on violating wage laws as part of their business model. This costs workers in Texas and other states very large sums of money each year, and much wage theft goes unreported. Here is an overview of some of the problems workers may experience with their employers regarding their pay. 

Short term employment scams

If a company only exists for a short period of time and then goes out of business, it can be difficult to track down the ownership and get them to pay workers properly. There have been a number of cases of wage theft where a company only operated for several weeks or months, used various tactics to delay their workers, then never paid them. While the workers can take action to get a formal judgment to say these kinds of companies owe them money, collecting can be difficult when the business no longer exists. 

Misinforming workers

Many workers will simply take their employer’s word when it comes to things like the amount that they are owed, if overtime applies to them, and whether they are salaried or not. Whether the employer is intentionally lying or they have just made a mistake, they are still responsible for following any applicable laws and paying the workers properly. An employee who is concerned about whether they are being paid properly should try to get an outside opinion from a wage theft lawyer

Improper worker classification

While workers who are considered full time employees of a company tend to receive the best legal protections in terms of wages, there are other categories that can be used by those who do work for a business. It is possible that a company simply tells their workers that they are all independent contractors or salaried in order to avoid overtime pay and other expenses. As a general rule, full time hourly employees are almost always eligible for overtime pay, and those who are given specific directions, workloads, and deadlines by an employer may not be independent contractors.  

Employment lawyers in Texas

Moore and Associates is a firm that handles labor and employment cases in Baytown and other parts of Texas. Those who are engaged in disputes with their employer related to sexual harassment, discrimination, unpaid wages, or overtime can speak with their attorneys for advice. 

USAttorneys.com is a service that works with people who need to find a lawyer in their city or state. Anyone who needs assistance with their search can call 800-672-3103 for additional advice.

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