Three ways that discrimination happens in workplaces in Pearland

Pearland, TX – All American workers receive certain protections in the workplace through a combination of state and federal laws. These protections include any negative treatment due to race, gender, religion, national origin, age, and other characteristics. However, employers are not always obvious in their methods when they commit discrimination against a person for an illegal reason. This is often done covertly and without the victim’s knowledge to try to avoid liability. For this reason, it is helpful for employees to get an overview of possible forms of discrimination and get advice from a lawyer when they feel that they may need to file a lawsuit. 

Performance reviews

Many workplaces periodically meet with their employees to discuss their performance through formal reviews. The employee may be given some kind of grade or feedback based on their performance over the prior several months or year. While this can be a good way to review things like productivity, plan for the future, and identify weaknesses, there have also been cases where workers who had a negative performance review after a history of success with the company will be disciplined or terminated. This means that the review was probably used as a pretext for discriminatory actions. 


Some employers think that they can punish workers for things like making legally protected claims, using vacation or leave time, reporting sexual harassment, or filing for workers compensation. If a person who utilizes any of these measures finds that they are suddenly disciplined, terminated, or demoted, they may be a victim of retaliation and they have the ability to sue their employer for compensation. This can be done regardless of whether their underlying claim was successful or not. 

Hiring decisions

Discrimination can potentially happen to people who are not yet employees of a company. Workers should be hired based on objective criteria such as their ability to perform the job in question, their experience, knowledge of the relevant industry, and other skills. Employers should not refuse to offer someone a position based on any protected characteristic, as this can be a form of discrimination. People who are going on interviews should also be mindful of the potential for discriminatory comments or behaviors at this time. 

Texas employment attorneys

Moore and Associates is a labor law firm that handles various kinds of employment lawsuits in the area of Pearland and other parts of Texas. Anyone who needs more information about sexual harassment, unpaid wages, overtime law, or discrimination can schedule a meeting with their attorneys. 

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