What Unlawful Act was Kroger Found Guilty of Committing?

Employment and labor lawyers in Detroit, Michigan cover the story on one Kroger employee who was awarded $82,000 for being unfairly treated after she became injured while on the job.

When you work for a company and dedicate your time and patience to your job, you expect them to support you in the event you become injured on work property. Unfortunately, Detroit Free Press highlighted a story on June  15, 2016  displaying the lack of respect one company had for their employee as they fired her once they learned she may never recover from an injury she sustained after becoming disabled from a work-related incident.

Employment law attorneys in Detroit, Michigan acknowledge Jarydith Mannellla as the worker who came forward after being mistreated by her store leaders when employed by Kroger, the large grocery food chain many rely on to buy all their household food items from. Mannella had the EEOC, or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission step in and assist with the lawsuit process as she was the victim of “unlawful employment practices.”

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After Mannella became injured, she was later terminated for not being able to complete her work duties.

Mannella was employed as a “stock person at the M-59 store and suffered a back injury in June 2010.” Detroit employment law lawyers point out that after she was injured, the store leaders altered her role, and she went from having a stocking job to a cashier position where she was required to scan the items being purchased with a hand-scanner. After about a year of doing that, Mannella was terminated from Kroger as they claimed she was “not performing her essential job duties.”

Surprisingly, “the EEOC claimed Mannella was fired because Kroger store learned her disability would be permanent.” As you may be aware, legally, an employer is not able to fire an employee based on their disability, especially one they obtained while working for that particular company. Now, because Kroger failed to provide the appropriate accommodations for their disabled worker, they are faced to pay two separate lawsuits. The first is in the amount of $33,000 “to resolve her claims against Kroger Company of Michigan,” and the other is for $49,000 that will go through the Michigan Workers Compensation Bureau.

Labor and employment lawyers also note that Kroger is responsible for providing “mandatory training programs for its human resources department that will focus on the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.”

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There are many labor and employment laws set into place that protect workers from being discriminated against based on their disability.

Whenever a company or employer fails to treat a disabled worker equally and provide them with the necessary accommodations, they are not only violating the ADA Act, but also breaking the EEOC laws that have been set into place to protect those who may have a disability, or sustain an injury on the job that leads to an impairment that requires accommodations in order for them to carry out their duties in the manner they are expected to.

If you feel your employer has treated you unfairly, it is vital you reach out to a Detroit employment law firm local to you who can assist in determining if action needs to be taken.

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