What are some of the ways that retaliation happens in workplaces in Cedar Hill?

Cedar Hill, TX – When an employee of a business is treated in some kind of negative way because of exercising their rights, this is considered retaliation. This tends to happen if the employee finds that they lost their job or benefits in the period following a report or lawsuit related to issues such as wage theft, sexual harassment, or discrimination. Any worker who is a legitimate victim of retaliation may have a case against their employer, and they can be compensated for their losses if a lawsuit is successful. Here is a brief overview of how retaliation can happen and how workers should respond. 

Reporting sexual harassment

Anyone who has been harassed at work has a right to formally report the incident and take legal action if necessary. However, employers often do not want to deal with the potential liability, and they may take steps to try to terminate workers who they see as a problem. Anyone who has reported sexual harassment in the past and finds that they are disciplined or terminated for dubious or sudden reasons may have a claim for retaliation. The employee should document both the underlying sexual harassment issues and any changes that happen after they notified their employer. 

Asking for unpaid wages

Workers regularly lose money from not being paid properly, and they do not always notice this problem before it is too late. While issues related to unpaid wages and overtime can be resolved through the administrative process if there is an honest error, unpaid wage claims can sometimes require other actions such as lawsuits to recover the money as well. Anyone who was not given their overtime pay or any other wages should take note of the problem and seek legal assistance if the workplace refuses to correct the error. If the worker who reported the unpaid money loses their job or is disciplined in other ways, this can be retaliation. 

Discrimination issues

Workers have the right to attend a workplace that will treat them fairly regardless of issues related to their race, gender, religion, or national origin. Employees who have previously told their employer about potential problems with discrimination can sometimes be illegally fired as a form of retaliation. When this happens, the employer can be liable for additional damages based on the employee’s losses. 

Employment lawyers in Cedar Hill

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