What are the reasons to speak with an unpaid overtime lawyer in Sugar Land?

Sugar Land, TX – A problem that many workers have is noticing that they have not been paid properly. This can be due to wages that are missing, but if overtime is not being paid, even more money can be lost because overtime pay needs to be at least one and one half times the person’s regular pay. Anyone who suspects not being paid overtime as required should meet with an employment attorney, as there are a number of different reasons why getting legal advice in this situation is a good idea. 

Overtime is required by law

Employers are always required to pay overtime to eligible workers who have worked more than forty hours in a consecutive seven day period. There are some complexities of overtime law that can be discussed with a lawyer, such as what type of workers may be exempt or salaried, but not all employers always follow these regulations properly. As a general rule hourly workers are eligible for overtime, and independent contractors are not considered employees, and certain office workers and administrators are able to be salaried. Everyone else needs to be paid overtime when they have recorded over forty hours in a week. 

The amount of unpaid wages can be substantial

When a person is missing overtime, they can be losing out on thousands of dollars of more if they are dealing with a long term problem. A lawyer who handles lawsuits related to wage theft and outstanding overtime will try to get the person all of their unpaid wages, plus any other damages that may be relevant such as interest on late wages or liquidated damages if an employment agreement was violated. 

Employers try many things to avoid paying overtime

There are a number of reasons given why overtime may not be paid. Sometimes the employer does not understand the law or simply does not care. Other times, they will make excuses to save money. Some common forms of excuses include telling employees that they need an authorization from the company before they are eligible for overtime, using pay methods such as day rates or piece rates, or just telling all workers who are under their direction that they are not standard full time employees. 

Legal advice about employment law in Texas

Moore and Associates is a labor law practice that works with individuals who have had workplace problems in Sugar Land and other parts of Texas. Workers can schedule a meeting to receive legal advice. 

USAttorneys.com is a service that works with people who are looking for lawyers anywhere in the country. Those who need assistance with their search can call 800-672-3103 for help.

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