What can happen to employers who fail to pay overtime in Grapevine?

Grapevine, TX – Overtime pay can result in a substantial amount of compensation for those who work more than forty hours a week. The standard overtime rate is at least one and one half times the worker’s normal hourly pay. Employers know this, and some of them will go to great lengths so that they do not owe their workers overtime pay, even if they make up excuses that are technically illegal. This includes misclassifying workers as contractors, telling employees that they are only eligible for straight time regardless of the hours they work, or other excuses when no real exemption exists. Those who believe that they have not been given their overtime pay should carefully check their pay statements and keep records of their hours, as this can be used as evidence in a claim or lawsuit. An attorney who deals with overtime law can provide more specific advice about unpaid wage claims and lawsuits against the offending workplace

Unpaid wage claims

Workers who have not been paid properly can file an unpaid wage claim with the Texas Workforce Commission or get their own lawyer and file a case for compensation. If the employer is found to be liable and the person was actually entitled to overtime, they will owe the worker all of the outstanding wages. It is also possible that there can be additional compensation for things like interest on late wages or liquidated damages. The Commission also has various enforcement measures that they can take based on the findings of their investigation. 

Government action

Both the federal government and the state of Texas can potentially take action against an employer that does not pay overtime when required to do so. Violations of the federal law known as the FLSA that regulate overtime and other wage laws can be punished by monetary fines, and even fail time in some cases. These penalties can be imposed on an individual within the company if they are found to be in violation of the relevant provisions. Texas law allows for legal action through unpaid wage claims and fines as well if employers within the state violate labor laws. 

More information about overtime law and unpaid wages in Texas

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