What discrimination protections apply to workers in Texarkana?

Texarkana, TX – Discrimination laws are an important way to protect employees from various kinds of arbitrary hardship created at the hands of unethical employers. This means that the employer cannot suddenly decide that a worker should be fired or punished merely because of some characteristic that has no effect on their ability to be a productive employee. Both federal and state governments in the United States have passed various laws over the years to ensure that discrimination is eliminated from American workplaces. 

Attorneys near me who help people with labor and employment issues can explain more about how discrimination protections apply in the workplace. 

Federal law and constitutional protections

There are federal protections that apply to all workers who are members of a protected class. Because this includes things like race, religion, gender, national origin, and sexual orientation, everyone is protected on some level. This means that an employer cannot terminate, demote, discipline, or take any other similar actions against any worker due to their membership in these protected classes. The employer can be sued for the costs of things like lost wages and finding comparable employment if these laws were violated. 

State laws

There are also similar laws that have been passed over the years that apply in the state of Texas as well. For example, an employer cannot discriminate against workers with a mental illness unless it significantly interferes with the person’s ability to complete their normal job duties. Things like protection from discrimination against workers based on age or disability are also included in the Texas Labor Code. State law also says that workers cannot be fired from their position due to mandatory service on a jury as otherwise required by law. 

Sexual harassment

The legal definition of sexual harassment is that it is a type of discrimination that is based on gender or sex, which are protected characteristics. The law recognizes two different types of sexual harassment, which include a hostile work environment and quid pro quo harassment. A hostile work environment means that mistreatment due to a person’s gender or sex is so pervasive that it affects their ability to function at work. Quid pro quo harassment protects workers from abuse by supervisors or bosses who expect some kind of sexual conduct in exchange for benefits or continued employment. 

Discrimination lawyers are available in Texas

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