What do employment lawyers in Lancaster do for their clients?

Lancaster, TX – Employment law is a complex field of regulations and rules created by the government over the course of decades that limit what workplaces can do and how they treat their employees. There are certain lawyers who spend their entire careers working with companies and their employees to navigate these rules and handle disputes. Some of the most common questions workers and employers have are related to unpaid wages, discrimination, and sexual harassment. 

Attorneys near me can provide personalized advice about these issues. 

Wage theft issues

Perhaps one of the most common problems that workers will see at some point during their career is not being paid properly. Regardless of the employer’s reasoning for not paying properly, this is considered wage theft. The forms of wage theft that happen regularly include unpaid overtime, minimum wage violations, illegally withheld tips, and missing hours. Employees should also always regularly check their pay statements and any other records to see if they are being compensated correctly. 

Discrimination issues

Some workers will find that they have lost their job, been denied benefits or promotions, or mistreated in other ways due to their membership in a protected class. These protections extend to the person’s race, religion, gender, national origin, and sexual orientation. Attorneys can work with with victims of discrimination to collect evidence and present it in court. This is an important step, as discriminatory intent can be difficult to prove in these situations, and there must be evidence that the employer did not have a legitimate reason to terminate the worker such as violations or company policy or bad job performance.   

Sexual harassment lawsuits

Gender based discrimination has gained attention as a common workplace problem throughout Texas and other states. Sexual harassment is the umbrella term used for most serious forms of gender based discrimination that happen workers. The attorney’s job when a client needs to bring a lawsuit is to help gather evidence that will prove the specific elements of the claim. The victim needs to either show that they were subjected to a hostile work environment due to their gender or sex, or that their supervisor or boss asked for sexual conduct as a form of quid pro quo harassment. Compensation in sexual harassment lawsuits can vary based on the size of the employer, with larger companies owing more to victims.

Texas employment lawyers

Moore and Associates is a labor and employment law practice that works with people in Lancaster and other parts of Texas who are having workplace disputes. Those who need advice from an experienced lawyer can contact their firm to schedule a meeting and discuss these matters further.

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