What happens when minimum wage laws are violated in Lubbock?

Lubbock, TX – Minimum wage laws are meant to try to give all working people a liveable wage. Employers absolutely cannot pay any of their employees less than the minimum wage laws say is required. Because this requirement is taken seriously by the government, it is also possible that an employer who is in violation of minimum wage laws can face serious consequences. A labor attorney should be consulted if the worker has made their employer aware of the violations, but no actions have been taken to correct the problem.  

State versus federal minimum wage laws

It is possible for a state to choose to have a minimum wage that is greater than, but not less than, the federal amount. Both the state of Texas and the federal government use the same minimum wage, which applies to all workers within Texas. 

Reporting the issue to the employer

As with other issues that are considered wage violations, it is best for the worker to first bring the problem to the attention of the payroll or human resources department. In some cases, there may be some kind of administrative error or computing problem that has resulted in improper payments or violations of minimum wage laws. If the employer is cooperative, the issue may be corrected and no further action is needed. However, workers who consistently have issues with not being paid properly may need to escalate the issue and contact a labor board such as the Texas Workforce Commission or get their own lawyer. 

Unpaid wage lawsuits

Whenever a worker experiences issues with minimum wage violations, unpaid overtime, or wage theft, they have the right to bring a lawsuit to recover the money. Their damages can include the full outstanding amount, plus the possibility of interest on late wages, or liquidated damages for violating an employment contract. The worker does not have to settle for a lesser amount than the full unpaid wages. 

Actions against the employer

Certain government labor agencies also have the ability to take action against an employer who has violated minimum wage laws or taken other actions that are considered wage theft. The workplace can be investigated, and based on the findings, there can be additional fines or even criminal charges. 

Labor attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates is a firm that handles various labor and employment issues for clients in the area of Lubbock and other parts of Texas. Their lawyers focus on unpaid wages, overtime law, discrimination, and sexual harassment.

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