What kinds of actions are considered discriminatory in Pasadena?

Pasadena, TX – All American workers in Texas and other states receive certain kinds of protection from illegal discrimination. Despite these anti discrimination laws, there are still some employers who terminate, demote, or underpay workers for illegal reasons. These are some common examples of employment discrimination that are legally actionable. It is helpful for any worker who suspects these problems to get advice from a lawyer. 

Annual evaluations and performance reviews

Many businesses have performance reviews and evaluations of workers at regular intervals, such as yearly or semi-annually. While these performance reviews are not inherently problematic when they are done correctly, it is also possible that an employer can use them as part of a discriminatory motive or pretext to fire someone to cover their discriminatory intent. A worker who has had several years of positive reviews may suddenly be subjected to a negative performance evaluation and have actions taken afterwards. If the employer is attempting to discriminate against the worker, the person may find that they suddenly have their position terminated after the review. 

Age discrimination

Age discrimination does not only happen to people who are close to retirement age. There are protections for any worker who believes that age was a factor in things like termination, demotions, or forcing a person into retirement. Not being hired for a position that a person is qualified for is also one of the most common types of age discrimination. 

Sexual harassment

While there are specific rules that apply in sexual harassment lawsuits, this is actually a type of gender based discrimination. The laws that protect workers from illegal harassment also apply to everyone regardless of gender, as there have been cases where a person is the same sex as those who are harassing them on the job. 

Other protected characteristics

Aside from these kinds of discrimination, workers are protected from any kind of mistreatment that is based on membership in a protected class. Courts have defined protected classes as race, religion, disability, national origin, and certain other groups such as pregnant women. If a person finds that they were underpaid, lost their job, or harassed because of membership in these groups, they are able to take legal action. 

Employment lawyers in Texas

Moore and Associates is a labor law firm that helps people in Pasadena and other parts of Texas. Those who are having issues in their workplace related to sexual harassment, discrimination, or unpaid wages can contact their lawyers to schedule a meeting.

USAttorneys.com is a service that helps people find lawyers who match their needs in any state. Anyone who wants to locate an attorney in their city can call 800-672-3103 for assistance. 

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