What kinds of compensation are available in an unpaid wage lawsuit in Waxahachie?

Waxahachie, TX – Workers are always supposed to be given the full amount for any hours they have worked, which includes overtime pay if applicable. Those who suspect wages are missing should first check with their employer to see if the situation can be corrected. If an employer is uncooperative or dismissive, the worker may have to report the company to a labor board or retain a lawyer for additional help. There are attorneys near me who focus on unpaid wages and other employment law issues who can provide more advice. 

All outstanding wages

When someone has not been paid properly, they are entitled to all of their outstanding wages, including overtime. For this reason, it is helpful if the employee has their own records or some other way of showing the exact amount that is owed to them. If their claim is successful, the employer is responsible for paying this entire amount and they are not supposed to negotiate to try to settle the claim for a lesser amount. The worker also needs to be careful to notice if they have been misclassified to avoid overtime pay. It is a common practice for many companies to tell workers that they are salaried or independent contractors to not have to pay overtime. 

Interest on late wages

If an employer is sued and they pay a worker several months after the wages were initially due, it is possible that interest may be added to the outstanding amount. This gives an incentive for an employer to pay the proper amount in a timely manner, and Texas law also states that wages must be paid within a reasonable amount of time after the work is completed. 

Liquidated damages

It is possible that liquidated damages can be awarded in situations where payment was not given to the worker based on the terms of their employment agreement. This is usually specified in some kind of contract or other documentation which outlines the amount of additional compensation that is owed when the agreement is breached. These rules mean that liquidated damages may vary greatly based on the employment contract in question. It is also possible that liquidated damages may include legal fees for the successful party.  

Texas employment lawyers

Moore and Associates is a labor and employment law firm that works with local clients in the area of Waxahachie and other parts of Texas. Their attorneys dedicate their time to issues related to unpaid wages, overtime law, discrimination, and sexual harassment lawsuits.

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