What kinds of evidence can be used to prove wage theft in Duncanville?

Duncanville, TX – Many workers in Texas and other states are not paid properly each year. Unfortunately, a significant amount of wage theft goes undetected and it costs workers millions of dollars each year. To avoid these kinds of problems, workers should regularly check their pay records and statements, and preserve various kinds of evidence to prove that their employer has not been following wage laws.

Attorneys near me who focus on labor issues can help with the process to detect unpaid wages and take formal legal action if necessary. 

Illegal deductions

As a general rule, employers are allowed to deduct certain things from a worker’s paycheck. This normal includes federal income tax, social security, and certain other items such as the costs of the employer’s health insurance program. However, pay statements that show other deductions which are not allowed by law may be used to show wage theft. Because it may not be obvious which deductions are legal versus those that are not, a pay statement may have to be reviewed carefully. It is possible that the employer is withholding large amounts of money from several workers in this manner, and it can make a large difference in their finances if they engage in this practice for an extended period of time without being caught. 

Unpaid overtime

All hourly workers who put in more than forty hours of labor per week are entitled to overtime pay. This must be at least one and one half times their standard pay rate. The employer can define a week with any start and end day, but it must consist of seven consecutive days. Employees should attempt to keep their own basic records of their hours, especially if they are eligible for overtime, and check these against their pay statements to notice discrepancies. 

Employer’s requests for unpaid work

It is fairly common for an employer to ask for additional work after an employee has clocked out for the day or before the person’s shift begins. When this happens the worker should take note of the time and place of the incident. If the employer requires this work to be done, they must pay the worker for the additional time it takes to complete these tasks. Workplaces are generally not allowed to ask for unpaid labor as a favor or for other reasons. 

Labor attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates is an employment law firm that assists local clients in the area of Duncanville and other parts of Texas. Anyone who needs additional information can schedule a meeting to discuss their workplace problems. 

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