What kinds of wage and hour disputes can happen between workers and their employer in Leander?

Leander, TX – Workers are entitled to receive all of their pay from hours that they have legitimately earned. Some employers engage in illegal practices or make mistakes that result in their employees being paid less than they are owed. Workers who find themselves in this situation can take legal action to file a wage dispute and get their proper wages. There also may be additional damages available, such as interest that is added to past due wages. 

Wage theft

Wage theft is a broad category of problems that result in the employer keeping some of their employee’s earnings. The problem is much more common than many workers realize. This can be due to illegal deductions, keeping the worker’s tips, or expected work to be done without payment. Workers should start to keep some of their own records of their time, and these can be checked against the employer’s records as they are required by law to keep complete and accurate pay records for all employees. The combined cost of wage theft for all American workers is estimated to be in the millions annually, so it is very possible that any given worker has some issues related improper pay.   

Overtime problems

Workers are supposed to be paid at least one and one half times their pay for any time worked over forty hours within a seven day consecutive period. Depending on certain factors, overtime can be confusing to calculate correctly, but the employer is still required to follow all relevant laws that regulate overtime wages. Those who feel that they have not been paid properly should check their employer’s records and investigate the issue further to avoid missing out on money. 

Telling all employees that they are independent contractors

It has become common in some workplaces for employers to avoid proper pay practices and giving overtime or benefits by simply telling workers that they are not actually employees. In most cases, workers who work at least forty hours a week for a company are actually eligible for overtime and other benefits. There are possibilities that the person is considered exempt, but if the worker is unsure they should do some of their own research or contact an attorney for help. Those who are only classified as independent contractors may be losing out on money and other perks of full time employment. 

Meeting with an employment attorney

Moore and Associates is a trusted source for those who have had to deal with labor and employment issues or sexual harassment in Leander and other parts of Texas. Their lawyers can consult with anyone who needs assistance and recommend a specific course of action to receive proper pay and avoid wage theft. 

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