What labor laws regulate worker wages in Missouri City?

Missouri City, TX – Some of the most important protections that workers have are those related to proper payment for all of their labor. However, workers need to be mindful of checking their pay statements, as wage theft does happen regularly. Here is an overview of some of the protections related to proper pay that are guaranteed by law. 

Minimum wage laws

All employers must be paid at a certain minimum wage rate for their work. Employers cannot choose to pay a worker less aside from a few exceptions. These exceptions include certain charitable and religious organizations, prison inmates, work done for family members, and other employers who are not required to pay into the state’s unemployment system. 

Although some states have chosen to set their minimum wage at a higher amount than the federal minimum wage, Texas law says that the federal minimum wage applies within the state as well. 

Overtime laws

Once a worker has put more than forty hours of labor into a seven day consecutive period, they must be paid overtime. This means that each hour after forty will result in the worker being paid one and one half times their regular pay rate or more. Overtime laws generally do not apply to those who are considered independent contractors or salaried, but employees should be mindful of the fact that an employer can try to improperly classify a worker to avoid paying overtime as required by law. 

Protections against wage theft

It is a good idea for employees to keep their own basic records of the time that they have worked in each pay period. The employer is required by law to have records of their workers’ hours as well. Employees should use these records to make sure that they have been paid the entire amount that they are owed for all hours worked. If the employer has tried to ask for work off the clock, or otherwise tell the worker that unpaid labor is required, this can be considered wage theft. Even in situations where the employer has made an honest mistake or payroll error, this needs to be corrected otherwise the employer can be sued and made to pay the entire amount that is owed.

Labor lawyers are available in Missouri City

Moore and Associates is a labor law firm in Texas that focuses on issues related to unpaid wages, overtime law, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Workers who need advice about any of these matters can schedule a meeting with their lawyers.

USAttorneys.com is a website that lists lawyers in every jurisdiction around the country. People who need to find a local attorney in their area can call 800-672-3103 for assistance.

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