What methods do employers use to discriminate against their workers in Bryan?

Bryan, TX – There a several different laws at both the federal and state level that provide workers with protections from various types of discrimination. The protected categories under these laws include race, gender, religion, age, disability, national origin, and others. This means that a worker cannot be fired, mistreated, demoted, or subjected to various other negative actions because of these traits. Employers who are found to be liable for such actions may be forced to pay out damage to the employee. There are lawyers who focus on these kinds of cases, and they can help affected workers provide evidence and advocate on their behalf. 

Performance reviews

Any employer is allowed to look at an employee’s work over a span of several months or a year and provide feedback such as areas that need improvement and the worker’s strengths. This practice on its own is common and unproblematic. However, some companies have used negative performance reviews as a way to terminate workers based on a discriminatory motive, even when the quality of the person’s work has not changed significantly. This pretext is most evident when a person who has years of successful reviews suddenly finds that they are terminated or demoted after the review takes place.  

Lack of opportunities for advancement

Some workers, especially those who are successful at their job, may find that they have been denied the opportunity for advancement through promotions, salary increases, obtaining benefits, and other forms of upward movement. This is especially notable if the employer has given less qualified or senior workers more opportunities than the victim of discrimination. Evidence of these comparisons can be crucial if a labor lawsuit is necessary. 

Discrimination in job interviews

While a person who is interviewing is not yet an employee, they may possibly experience discrimination at this stage, which can result in lost opportunities or denial of a position that they are qualified for. Applicants should be mindful of questions that can have answers about things like religion, sexual orientation, or other personal matters that are not directly related to the job. Any offensive comments or jokes in the interview should also raise red flags, as these can be evidence of gender based discrimination which is also known as sexual harassment

Employment lawyers can help in Texas

Moore and Associates is an experienced labor law firm. Their attorneys handle cases related to unpaid wages, overtime law violations, discrimination, and sexual harassment in Bryan and other parts of Texas.  

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