What needs to be included on a pay statement in Friendswood?

Friendswood, TX – One of the best ways for workers in Texas and other states to avoid wage theft is to check each of their pay statements for accuracy. Any discrepancies should be brought to the employer’s attention as soon as possible so they can be resolved. In many cases, employers will be cooperative and ensure that the worker is paid properly. However, additional actions may be necessary against certain workplaces that engage in improper pay practices. 

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The relevant time period

The pay statement should give the range of dates that reflects the hours and pay for the current pay period. This can vary slightly depending on whether the employer pays weekly, biweekly, or some other duration of time. However, employers are not allowed to have significant delays of months or longer between when work is done and the pay is issued.  

Total hours worked

The specific number of hours that each employee logged needs to be included on the statement. This is important as the person should make sure that there are no hours missing, and hours beyond forty within a seven day consecutive period need to be paid at an overtime rate for hourly employees. 

Illegal deductions

Workers should always be careful to look for any kinds of additional deductions that can appear on the statement. It is possible that some employers may deduct tips, work supplies, and other expenses illegally. The only deductions should be for things like taxes, social security, and a few other items that are permitted by law. Employers do not have discretion to add additional kinds of deductions. When this kind of illegal activity is found, the employee needs to be paid the full outstanding amount, including overtime, and the employer can potentially face lawsuits or investigations if they are uncooperative.

Gross pay and net pay

The pay statement should list the total amount of the person’s pay rate multiplied by the number of hours they worked. The net pay is the amount that the worker will actually receive in their paycheck after taxes and other deductions are taken away. While these calculations are normally made automatically by payroll software, the worker should also be careful to make sure the numbers are accurate and any calculations are made without errors. 

Employment attorneys in Texas

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