What should a worker do when they receive an incorrect paycheck in Odessa?

Odessa, TX – Payroll problems are relatively common. Even though employers are required by law to keep complete and accurate records of their workers’ hours and pay them accordingly, errors happen all the time. One of the easiest ways for an employee to find these mistakes is to look at their paychecks each time that they are issued, then check them against their own personal records. If any issues are brought to the employer’s attention, it is common for them to notice some kind of clerical, administrative, or payroll software error that was an honest mistake. In these situations, the appropriate department should be able to correct the issue within a relatively short amount of time and issue the proper pay. There are unpaid wage attorneys who can provide additional advice about laws related to paying workers appropriately. 

Wage theft issues

Wage theft is a big problem in American workplaces and it costs employees millions of dollars each year. If a resolution with the employer does not seem to be possible, it may be that the employer is intentionally trying to shortchange their workers to save money. This is illegal and the workplace should be reported to the Texas Workforce Commission within 180 days of when the wages were due. State law requires all outstanding wages, including overtime, to be issued to the employee in a reasonable time period. They have the power to investigate claims related to wage disputes, and they can even penalize the employer when necessary. 

Lawsuits against employers

Lawsuits for unpaid wages and wage theft are possible, and a worker who is having issues with their employer has the right to retain a lawyer and get advice at any time. A lawsuit for unpaid wages can ask for the entire amount that was actually earned, and it may also be possible to get additional interest on late wages or liquidated damages if an employment contract was violated. However, there are time limits on these kinds of claims, so it is important for a person who has not been paid to start the process to recover their money as soon as possible.  

Texas unpaid wage attorneys

Moore and Associates is a law practice that handles labor and employment issues in the area of Odessa and other parts of Texas. Anyone who needs to meet with their lawyers and discuss workplace problems related to sexual harassment, unpaid wages, overtime law, or discrimination can schedule a meeting to learn more.

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