What should be done before filing an unpaid wage claim in Waco?

Waco, TX – Many workers will notice that their employer has not paid them properly for various reasons. Whether the employer has done so intentionally or they simply need to correct a pay error, the worker can take various actions to ensure that they receive the compensation that they are owed. An attorney who deals with unpaid wage claims can provide more detailed advice about achieving a resolution.

Asking the employer

In some situations, the payroll department or others in charge of paying employees may have made an honest mistake. When the worker notices this problem it should be corrected and the pay can be issued as required within a relatively short period of time. If this is done, the situation will be resolved and no further action is needed. 

Demand letters

It can be helpful for the worker to write a formal demand letter, especially in situations where the person was terminated or the company ceased operations and they are looking for their final wages. This can help provide formal evidence that the business does not intend to pay the outstanding wages if they decline to give a response or attempt to delay. The letter should include specific information about when the wages were earned and the outstanding amount. 

The Texas Workforce Commission

The state has established the Texas Workforce Commission to handle various kinds of labor and employment problems and issues, including unpaid wages. If it appears that the employer has no intentions of fulfilling their obligations, the worker or their attorney can file a claim with the commission, but it must be brought within 180 days of when the wages were initially due, otherwise the time limit has passed. This agency has the authority to investigate the employer, issue fines, and take other actions to compel compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. 

Legal advice

At any point in this process, the person who was not paid properly can meet with a labor lawyer and have them recommend a specific course of action or provide other guidance. The attorney has the ability to file an unpaid wage lawsuit and demand that the entire outstanding amount be paid along with interest on late wages or other forms of damages that may be relevant.  

Labor attorneys are available in Texas

Moore and Associates is a firm that handles unpaid wage issues, overtime law, sexual harassment cases, and discrimination issues for clients in the Waco area. People who have had labor disputes or other workplace problems can meet with their attorneys to discuss their options.

USAttorneys.com is available to help those who are in the process of searching for a lawyer in their area. Anyone who is looking for a licensed attorney can call 800-672-3103 to get a referral. 

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