What will happen to an employer who commits wage theft in Galveston?

Galveston, TX – Many workers in Texas and the rest of the United States do not actually receive all of their wages due to wage theft. Employers should keep complete and accurate records of hours and pay that are available for inspection, as this is required by law. If any discrepancies are found between what the worker did and what they were actually paid, there can be serious consequences for the workplace. Wage theft tends to come in the form of things like minimum wage law violations, overtime law violations, not giving appropriate break time, and taking worker’s tips. Because wage investigations can be complex, legal help may be necessary before proceeding with a wage theft claim. 

Full pay is always available

The main remedy available to workers is to receive their full amount of back wages. Relevant laws state that an employer is required to pay all wages, tips, and overtime that were actually earned, as long as a dispute or lawsuit is filed within the statute of limitations. If a certain amount of time has passed, the employer may also owe interest on the outstanding back wages. This applies to anyone who has already done work for the employer, whether they are an employee, independent contractor, or even if they are not authorized to legally work in the country. If claims come from multiple employees at once, this can become a serious financial burden on the business. However, they are liable for paying this amount regardless of the financial strain.  

Investigations by a labor department

It is possible that either the Texas Workforce Commission or the federal department of labor may formally investigate an employer after complaints of wage theft. These agencies have the authority to take various actions against the company. The employer may need its own legal representation to defend against any accusations. 

Consequences against the employer

Penalties can range up to hundreds or thousands of dollars per violation of wage laws, and in serious cases the employer or individual responsible will face criminal theft charges. If the issue receives media attention, the negative publicity can seriously affect the company’s image and bottom line. It is possible that large scale lawsuits can happen if a company has been routinely misclassifying employees. They may owe large amounts of unpaid benefits and overtime if this is the case and they are found liable and have to pay out damages.   

Assistance from an experienced labor attorney

Moore and Associates is a labor and employment firm that works with clients in Galveston and other cities in Texas. Their attorneys handle cases related to unpaid wages and wage theft, discrimination, and sexual harassment

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