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As much as we would like to believe we have on-going job security, many employers are legally able to fire for you any reason they believe. The only time employee termination is considered wrongful is if it is for a reason that violates a specific law, public policy, or the terms of your employment contract. Other than that, Wisconsin recognizes itself as an at-will state which means most employers are able to fire you at any given time during your employment with them.

Now, there are instances where your employer is limited to when they can terminate you at their discretion. Some things that limit their ability to fire you include:

  • A written contract
  • An offer letter
  • The terms set forth in the employee handbook
  • An oral contract

Did your employer recently let you go but you feel they have violated the contract you both signed? Are you unsure as to whether you were wrongfully terminated and need to speak with a licensed employment and labor law attorney in Wisconsin? If so, can help you out with this. We work closely with only the best employment law lawyers in the field and will help you get in contact with one who may be able to help you with your issue.

Being fired, especially if it is a wrongful termination, means you aren’t bringing in income and more than likely aren’t able to pay your monthly bills. For this very reason, we encourage you to give us a call today so one of our lawyers can begin assisting you and working on building up a solid case.


What else constitutes as a wrongful termination?


Some other reasons why employers fire their workers without good reason to do so include:

  • An act of discrimination- If you feel your employer is using your race or gender as a reason to rid of you and feel you have the necessary evidence to prove this, contact us immediately. Discrimination in the workplace is a serious issue and should be recognized.
  • A form of retaliation-Perhaps you filed a complaint against your employer or reported them to someone higher up in the company. They may use their right as a supervisor or manager to fire you for doing so but use an excuse to cover up their actions. This would be considered a violation of public policy and would be a viable reason to hire a Wisconsin employment and labor law attorney.
  • Firing your for taking time off from work for things like voting, attending jury duty, or even under FMLA.

Wrongful termination is only one of the many types of issues that occurs in the workplace. If you are dealing with something different and would like to speak with a legal professional regarding your matter, our featured employment law lawyers will provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation. This way you are able to sit down and speak with them and review the issue at hand. They then can provide you with some information as to whether they can help you and if you have a legitimate claim on your hands.

So, if you are ready to obtain legal aid or advice, give us a call so we can begin assisting you.


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