Workers argue that there is wage theft among other problems at Tesla factory in Austin

Austin, TX – It is relatively common for workers to not be paid properly on occasion. Most times, the person can simply notify their payroll department and have the issues resolved. However, problems with more widespread or consistent issues with improper pay may need to be resolved through formal legal action such as lawsuits for wage theft or investigations by government agencies. 

Some workers at the large Tesla factory in Austin had made claims for wage law violations and other labor problems. These situations show how even large and wealthy companies may not always be compliant with all relevant labor laws and regulations. 

Tesla factory labor law problems

According to Axios, there were issues with construction workers who built the factory either not receiving overtime pay or being given a salary of at least the state and federal minimum wage, which are both the same in Texas [1]. Other relevant facts include a promise of extra pay around the Thanksgiving holiday weekend at the end of 2021, which the workers claim that they never received. Approximately two dozen workers are involved in the unpaid wage issues.  

In addition to the unpaid wage claims, workers complained that there were unsafe working conditions such as ground level floor that was flooded and illegitimate safety certificates being posted around the job site. Details about the specific identities of the workers were kept confidential due to an ongoing federal investigation. 

Wage theft claims

If an employer has not given a worker all of their wages that they are owed, the employee can file a claim with a relevant government agency such as the Department of Labor or the Texas Workforce Commission. They also have the option of getting an attorney to help with the process and represent them throughout their issues related to wage theft. If the claim is successful, the worker is owed all of the outstanding pay, including any unpaid overtime. Workers should always check their status to see if they are entitled to overtime or if a legitimate exemption applies, such as those for salaried workers or independent contractors. They should also try to keep some kind of record of their hours worked for reference and evidence. 

Labor attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates is a labor law practice that focuses on issues related to wage theft, overtime law, discrimination, and sexual harassment. They are available to help clients in Austin and other cities throughout the state. 

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