Workers in Channelview should know how to submit an unpaid wage claim

Channelview, TX – Workers may not always be paid properly by their employer. While some employers may fix the issue quickly if there was a simple error, in some cases it can be necessary to take more formal action. There are various government agencies that assist with this process by providing remedies for workers, as well as investigations into companies that violate wage and labor laws. In Texas, many of these matters are handled by the Texas Workforce Commission. 

If the unpaid wage issues are not resolved, attorneys near me can provide guidance throughout the process to file a claim and receive the outstanding amount. 

The commission and unpaid wages

The Texas Workforce Commission handles many labor issues for workers in the state, including unpaid wages and overtime. The person who has been affected needs to specify things like the type of missing pay, total amount outstanding, and other relevant pieces of information. This information can be provided through the commission’s online system or a mailed submission. Online filing tends to be the much faster option. Any relevant documents such as a recent pay statement should be attached. The claimant must also sign the statement under penalty of perjury to ensure that they are being truthful. 

After the claim is submitted, the commission will respond that they have received the worker’s information. The employer is then given a copy of the claim and related documents by the commission. An investigator from the state may contact the company as well to obtain more information as needed. 

Time limits to bring the claim

The unpaid wage claim needs to be submitted to the commission within six months of when the payment was initially due. If this time requirement is missed, the commission cannot assist with the matter. 

Legal help

Many people are unfamiliar with the process to submit unpaid wage claims and need assistance. Labor attorneys regularly deal with things like missing wages, wage theft, unpaid overtime, and other violations of labor laws and regulations. The lawyer can guide the worker through the process and assist with the submission of claims and other other required paperwork or hearings. In many cases, legal assistance will produce a better outcome than if the person attempts to figure out all of these issues on their own. The lawyer can also argue for additional damages like interest on late wages or liquidated damages for violations of an active employment contract.  

Texas labor attorneys 

Moore and Associates is a labor law practice that works with people in Channelview and other parts of Texas. Those who need to meet with an employment lawyer can contact the firm to schedule a meeting. 

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