Do You Need A Wyoming Employment Lawyer?

While there are many laws in the state of Wyoming that serve to protect current employees who work for different companies, there are a number of other laws that cater to those who are in the process of seeking employment. For instance, discrimination is a major issue occurring in workplaces, but it can also occur before an individual is even given the opportunity to work for the company. For example, there are some employers who discriminate during the hiring process. But did you know that you can hold those employers accountable if they fail to treat you fairly? Our Wyoming employment and labor law attorneys would be more than happy to discuss with you what can be done if you have been discriminated against by an employer during the hiring process.


Are employers limited on the types of questions they can legally ask me during an interview?

According to, employers are expected to ask you about bona fide occupational qualifications (BFOQ), which means they should be asking you questions that pertain to whether or not you are able to perform a job and how you will handle the challenges that are expected to come your way during your time being employed by the company. Other than that, if questions are being asked that you feel don’t contribute to how you will perform a job and what makes you qualified, you might be being asked illegal questions.

And if an employer uses the answers to these inappropriate questions to determine whether or not you should be hired, you might want to consider speaking with our reputable Wyoming labor law attorneys who can further investigate whether or not something can be done to combat this. There are many instances where potential employees aren’t given a fair opportunity because of their skin color or disability and the fact is, your employer cannot use that to decide if they don’t want to hire you.


What else can I expect my employer to ask me?

The purpose of an interview is to determine if you have what it takes to get the job done and do it effectively. If your potential employer is asking you about your age and that doesn’t contribute to how well you can do the job, then perhaps they shouldn’t be asking. There are certain jobs, such as those that require a significant amount of labor, where employers start to examine your age and how it will affect you. But, in all actuality, it shouldn’t be a determining factor.

Employers can also ask you about the types of medications you take that could affect your work abilities. They cannot use your disability as a means to hire or even fire you. If you recently lost your job and you feel your employer used your disability to make this decision, you need to contact one of our employment and labor law lawyers in Wyoming today. Your job is more than likely your only source of income and you can’t afford to lose it because your employer feels your disability is interfering with your work ethic.

Here at, we have connections with the top labor law lawyers in the field who can help you with any type of employment issue you might be experiencing, including being discriminated against. So, if you are dealing with an issue or are having a problem at work, don’t hesitate to give us a call to learn how we can help you.


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